I am a nurse. But I am also much more than that, as most nurses are.

I’m a RN– After graduating with my BSN in 2009, I started my first real nursing job at a surgical/trauma/neuro ICU at a major hospital in Texas. I quit for a while during the didactic portion of my graduate work but I’m about to return to the bedside two days a week until graduation.

I’m a student– In 2015 I started graduate school courses for my MSN/FNP and I am scheduled to graduate August of 2018! My goal is to work as a FNP in primary care. That is the main focus of this blog- to chronicle my transition from RN to FNP and give a voice to many of the concerns related to such a huge professional shift.

I’m a patient– In 2009 I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, an autoimmune gastrointestinal chronic disease. I’ve had an arduous course over the past nine years wrought with trials but am currently on medication and in remission. I do follow a mostly Paleo/gluten free diet so if you’re interested in Paleo/gluten free/UC/dietary changes etc, follow me on Instagram for photos of what we’re eating!

I’m a wife– In 2012 I married my husband Seth and we started down a road we couldn’t have predicted. Many things in our life have been hard over the past five years- grad school, my disease, handling a hyperactive toddler- but I can’t imagine one day without him. He’s also the funniest person I know and I become my funniest version of myself when I’m with him. We have an incredibly good time and an incredibly blessed life. #teambridges

I’m a mom– In 2015 my daughter Evelyn was born and I’ve been soaking up all of her sweet smiles, funny toddler jokes, and life-giving personality ever since. She recently named her stuffed dog “sophagus” and carries her Doc McStuffins stethoscope around with her wherever she goes. I think she definitely has a future in medicine.

I’m a writer– Five years ago I got the idea to write a book and that idea has only recently taken shape in the form of a book about nursing. Four years ago I started a previous blog (Thirtyeightfive) and had enough success with that to believe that I could actually write something that people would like to read. I’m only recently coming back to the blogging world because I’m currently in the process of writing a loosely autobiographical novel of my life as an ICU nurse. Writing a book (a creative novel) has been the most difficult endeavor of my life but I’m committed to finishing it because the world needs to hear what it’s really like to be a nurse- every glorious day and every terrible day. Every heartbreaking moment and every triumphant one. We’ll see how long it actually takes me to finish but I’m confident that one day, I’ll have something to show for all my time, effort and the subjective loss of my sanity.

I’m a follower of Jesus– None of the above aspects of my life would make sense without this one. I’m not religious, I’m not political, I’m not going to shove anything in your face. I believe in the God of the Bible who came to save me from myself and give me life that I couldn’t even imagine without Him. I won’t talk much about my faith in my blog posts because that’s not the focus but you should understand that my beliefs are the underlying core tenants of my talent, my writing, my purpose.

I hope you understand a little bit more about me now. Thanks for visiting.